Media Management

  • Open to grades: 9 - 12
  • UC/CSU eligibility: None
  • Prerequisites: Advanced Media Production


Course Description:

This is the Media Career Pathway course 3 of 3.  Media Management is the Capstone course for the Media Career Pathway.  The course is an extension of Advanced Media Production course and available to students who have been chosen to be in a leadership position.  The Media Management course occurs during the same period as the Advanced Media class which allows Media Management students to be leaders of the Advanced Media students as well as be participants in the Advanced Media class.  In the course students will lead other students, prepare and plan outside of class hours for the next day or event, hold meetings and complete leadership tasks.  Students will need to be able to spend extra time outside of the class period to complete tasks.  Students must be a positive role model, follow the direction of the program facilitated by the teacher, and be a friend to all other students.  Students will have to demonstrate proper skills in organization, time management, communication, planning, conflict management, project management, motivation, and decision making.  Leadership positions include but are not limited to: Producer, Content Producer, Studio Director, Studio Crew (Technical Director, Floor Director, Camera, Playout, Graphics, Teleprompter), Editor, Social Media Producer, Classroom Leader, End of the Year Producer, Every 15 Minutes Producer & Editor, School Promotions, and Live Broadcasting.

To be considered, students must have completed the Advanced Media application form located at and have answered the Media Management question indicating their interests in the course.  Students must have demonstrated some previous leadership abilities to be chosen to be enrolled in the class.  Students will be contacted to arrange an interview with the teacher.


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