Film Production



Course Description:

This is the Media Program of Study course 3 of 3. Film Production is the Capstone course for the Film Productions Pathway. Students taking the course for the first me will produce a short film or documentary as a class. Students repeating the course will have the option of producing a short film or documentary on their own following the production workflow taught previously. Students will also produce their own film trailers. Students work will be shown in a Premiere event at the end of the semester. The course teaches storytelling in the cinematic techniques of production management, production work ow of pre-production, production, post-production, promotions and marketing. Students use and learn cinema cameras and filming rigs only available in the Film Production course. Students will also learn about professional film equipment being used in the industry currently and in the past. Students focus on mastering the following concepts through creative storytelling of film production; the manuals settings of the DSLR as a cinema camera, advanced lighting techniques, sound capturing and editing, industry terminology, advanced principles of design, complex film editing techniques using Adobe Creative Cloud and other editing programs. Film Production introduces new advanced techniques in directing, producing, professional methods of color grading of digital film, distribution and marketing, screenwriting, cinematography, Adobe After Effects and new emerging technology. The course aims to engage students with a wide variety of positions and areas that is needed for a film production.


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