Media Production



Course Description:

This is the Media Program of Study course 1 of 3. Media Production is the introductory course of the Media Program of Study. The course is the entry level course in which students learn the to use video cameras and edit video in Adobe CC Premiere Pro and After Effects. Coursework follows California State CTE Standards in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment: Production and Managerial Arts sector and the Adobe curriculum framework. The course focuses on news-gathering learn to communicate effectively by writing scripts and storyboards, project planning, and editing a variety of products. Technically, students learn how to operate video and audio equipment, including cameras, various types of microphones, mixers, sound processors, and computer applications. This course also introduces students to studio production in the GBHS TV Studio. This class prepares students for the Film Production course and the Advanced Media Production course. There are materials costs associated with the class. Students will need to obtain a class 10 SD memory card and headphones. The instructor will give you specific information within the first week of the course.


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