The GBHS Communications Request form is how information is collected and dispersed to the correct groups or individuals for posting.  The Advanced Media class produces the GBT Video Bulletin posted on  We have two ways of putting information in the GBT Video Bulletin.  Request are reviewed and the Advanced Media production class has the right to deny the request or content. Videos produced outside of the school and not by students may not be used.

General Announcement

For recurring general announcements to be announced in the Video Bulletin, please use the Student Written Bulletin option on the GBHS Communications Request form.

Customized Video Story

You may request a customized video to be created and played on the Video Bulletin.  The content must be about a team, a student, a class, or any content that is school related.  Video production is an in-depth lengthy process and you will need to take time to work with students from the Advanced Media class to film, interview and complete the video.  We do not produce advertisements for existing courses.  New course advertisements must need Administration approval.